Sunday, September 11, 2011

September 11th, 1986 > 9/11/2001

I'm pretty positive I'm going to catch some flak for this... what with it being my first post in almost 6 months and all. Whatever...

October 24th, 1929... not ringing a bell? Let me press on.

December 7th, 1941... still not jogging your memory? Figures.
This obviously isn't working for you so let me try something a little more recent.

August 24th, 1992
April 19th, 1995
August 28th, 2005

Seriously? Nothing?! Damn...

Go back on decade though and one date pops up in your mind. 9/11. Unfair. Bullshit. That's fucked up.

"But Fed, almost three thousand people died that day!" you say. And?
"Fed, a country was changed forever!" you hollerin at me. So?
"How would you feel if you lost someone, my nigga?" you getting pissed off at me. I can feel it.


Now. If you haven't guessed by now, I could give a fuck about 9/11. Not at all. Not one bit. It's my freedom as a fuckin person to choose not to care. "You're heartless. I can't fux with you saying shit like that," you thinkin. Bye. It really isn't important to me.

You see, 15 years before the "worst attack on American soil since Pearl Harbor (That was the 12/7/41 date by the way)" Anton Deshawn Johnson was born the same exact day. But it wasn't 9/11 then. It was just September 11th, 1986. The day after the 10th and before the 12th.

"Who the hell is Anton Deshawn Johnson?" I bet you saying right now.
"Federal Ranga," I tell you.
"Federal Ranga? I know him. The dude with the rap video shit on YouTube right?"
"Yeah. Anton is him."


Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww, fuck. Now you figured it out. This post is about ME, me, it's all bout me (Word to Weezy).

"Blasphemy!", "Bullshit!" "How selfish!" I hear that shit already. I've been hearing it for a 10 years. Please believe it's old. It was old the day it happened. People ask me how could I be insensitive about such a tragic event. I give them the same answer. It's out of my hands, has nothing to do with me and didn't change anything for me afterwards. Point blank. Hurricane Andrew, the war in Iraq, Katrina, Oklahoma City Bombings, Tsunamis in Asia and shit. It's all whatever to me.

This is no different.

The truth of the matter is, for every fucked up event that happens out there in the world, you always got that one person who tells you to "get the fuck over it." And guess what? They're right. I blame media and youtube for making a shitty day for America SO DAMN RELIVABLE. What other day in America's history has had so much, footage, testimonies, stories, books, etc done for it? Name one. I dare you. If I were one of the dead, I'd be pissed off. Because when 9/11 rolls around, people don't just think about remember the dead I died, they are pretty much brought back to the past instantly and THAT is truly what makes 9/11 so hard to get the fuck over.

Now y'all know I gotta bring the hip hop in... Biggie. Dead. We got the fuck over it.
Pac. Dead. We got the fuck over it.
Big L.
Mac Dre.
Eazy E... I can do this shit all day. We still got the fuck over it. I'm not saying you can't cry. I'm not suggesting you can't mourn. I wouldn't dare tell you the country shouldn't unite as one to grief through this shit. What I'm saying is... you can't do it forever.

But back to me... That's what I said this post was about, right? Of course. I'm mad that I have to share my birthday with this shit; clowned year after year about being a 9/11 baby (What the motherfuck?) and being asked the stupidest shit in the world, "Where were you when the towers fell?"

In a mufuckin library minding my damn business.

But I digress... at the end of the day 9/11 is not 9/11 to me. It's my birthday. Just like it was before until the day I die. So take it how you want, but I'll sum this whole clusterfuck of a post with three sentences.

Fuck 9/11. I had a 15 year head start. The only 911 I give a fuck about is a Porsche.

Happy Birthday to Federal Ranga, bitches. Twitter that.

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September 11th, 1986 > 9/11/2001

I'm pretty positive I'm going to catch some flak for this... what with it being my first post in almost 6 months and all. Whatever.....